How to change a socket in an extension. Oral Project 1SEA

viernes, 17 de febrero de 2012
The students of 1SEA are doing a series of how-to videos to explain some basic tasks of electricians.

The first project, made by Asier Pérez Soto, shows us how to change the socket of an extension:

The second project, made by Victor Blanco Castillejo, teaches us how to change a lamp-holder:

The third project, starring Manuel Vioque Sánchez, shows how to change a switch:

The fourth project is by Francisco Javier Parreño, and it shows us how to change an outlet in an extension: 

Next, Manuel Nolasco will explain how to change an outlet: 

The next tutorials are introduced by José Alberto Carrión and Chema Torres who both explain us how to change a magnetothermic switch:

Alberto's video:

Chema's video:

And finally, Joaquín Atalaya will show us how to change the buzzer of a door bell:

We hope you find them useful and learn as much as we are learning doing these!
Happy watching! :)

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