Present Perfect, past perfect and past simple

martes, 17 de enero de 2012

Tenses are usually confusing, and these three ones are certainly so, especially when you have to decide which one to use. So I'm giving you some exercises to practise. You've got the grammar explanation in your text books but for reference you can also check it here:

On present perfect: Basic Explanation
                              Exercise 1.
                              Exercise 2.
                              Advanced Explanation.
                              Practise Past Perfect + Just, Already
                              For / since

On past simple: Review here

Present perfect or past simple: Explanation
                                              Fill in the gaps
                                              Fill in the gaps - 2
                                              Scroll down for more exercises
                         Practice with negative, afirmative and questions
                         Test yourself. One try only!

Now you can practise here: Simple Past or Past Perfect
                                        Simple Past, Present Perfect o Past Perfect

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