Present Continuous and Present Simple

lunes, 3 de octubre de 2011
Here you have plenty of exercises to practice the present continuous, on its own or together with simple present. At the end of the exercise you can check it you have it right. Note down which exercises you do, and how many answers you get right on each try. Enjoy and have fun!

Uses of Present Continuous and Practice 
Exercise 1.

Affirmative: Chart and Practice
Exercise 2.  

Negative: Chart and Practice
Exercise 3.

Yes/No questions: chart and practice
Exercise 4. 

Wh-questions: Chart and Practice
Exercise 5.

Practice forming the present continuous
Exercise 6.

Ing forms of verbs: Notes and exercises
Exercise 7.

Action and state verbs
Exercises 8.

Present continuous and Present simple. Contrast

I know they may seem like a lot, but as they are online, you will do them in no time. 

Happy practising! :)

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